We started by day-dreaming about designer accessories meant for cannabis storage.  Designs that were feminine, chic, bold, and classy.  Designs where high-fashion married function.  Designs that helped break the typical cannabis consumer stereotype, promoted each consumers unique self-expression & confidence, and enhanced the vibe at every opportunity.


After searching & searching to no avail, we set out to design our own.  Thus, Bling Blunts was born.


Stylish tubes transport your treasures, safely holding your hemp in an airtight, smell resistant, childproof container that is anything but basic.  Fashion-forward designer gems keep you and your flower fresh, especially while on-the-go!


If you have ever started a blunt or joint and didn’t finish it, you will love us for preserving your partial doobies. It's like jewelry for your smoke.  Express yourself with designs that complement YOU - your lifestyle, your wardrobe and your vibe.


At Bling Blunts, we break stereotypes, promote self-expression & confidence and increase the vibes wherever we go by offering chic personal storage containers that are high fashion & functional so cannaseurs can enjoy themselves to the fullest without critique or judgement.